• Anindo Furniture
    Anindo Furniture

    Anindo Furniture was founded in 1991, concentrate on modern furniture and teak garden furnitures. The objective is to supply all customers with a high-quality furniture, handcrafted modern furniture for both indoor furnishing, outdoor furnishing, and commercial applications using Mahogany wood, Teak wood, and Pine wood.

  • Elegan Furniture
    Elegan Furniture

    Elegan Furniture is Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter from Jepara - Indonesia. Elegan Furniture has produced good quality furniture at reachable prices. The product included: Bed Room, Dining Room, Living Room, Office Furniture, Teak Root Furniture, Rattan Synthetic, etc.

  • Wahana Kayu
    Wahana Kayu

    Wahana Kayu as an Indonesian Furniture manufacturer from Jepara, Central Java, offers a wide range of chairs, bookshelf, cabinet and more others indoor furniture in luxurious styles. The main material used is the selected wood from legally Indonesia forestation department.

  • Dekor Asia
    Dekor Asia

    Dekor Asia as one of rattan company in Cirebon, West Java, produces rattan sticks for percusion, rattan stick drums, metal artwork, rattan mallet, and more. It is an experienced exporter of rattan products which use selected natural material for all the products.

  • Cantik Rattan
    Cantik Rattan

    Cantik Rattan is a furniture manufacture company that located in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This company is producing rattan furnitures, and combination of synthetic fibers or synthetic rattan, aluminum tube & pipe, powder coating frame.

  • Tropical Wood Furniture
    Tropical Wood Furniture

    Talang Mas is manufacture and exporter Indoor and Outdoor Furniture that made by professional craftsman from Jepara - Central Java – Indonesia, which offers its product including; chairs, benches, table, folding chairs, sun loungers, armoires, bed, chests, book cases, etc.

  • Jepara Production Furniture
    Jepara Production Furniture

    Jepara Production Furniture is a furniture manufacture based on Jepara, Central Java. The productions are focusing on wooden teak products like bar sets, beach lounger, tables, dining sets and more. While, the company choose selected and kiln-dried Teak wood as its main material.

  • Jepara International
    Jepara International

    Jepara International is a furniture manufacturer from Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. They now becomes the exported furniture company that producing many kind of furniture like teak tables, lounger, lounger, teak bed, stacking chair and many more. All products are made from selected wood and through maximal processing.

  • Rattan Cantiq Furniture
    Rattan Cantiq Furniture

    Rattan Cantik is rattan furniture manufacturer and exporter from Cirebon, West Java - Indonesia that has European class of rattan furniture. Mostly, all products are made of rattan and woods. It has various products include; tables, chairs, desk, panels and more.

  • Qirana Furniture
    Qirana Furniture

    Qirana Furniture manufacturer is a company that running for indoor and outdoor furniture with teak based material. It located in Semarang, Central Java, and the products are include chairs, bench, tables, longer, teak stainless and more.

  • Aviva Furniture
    Aviva Furniture

    Aviva Furniture offers various indoor wooden furniture, such as; bedroom set, bookcase, cabinet, chair, table, armoires, chest, console, dressing, bar unit, and many more. Aviva also welcomed the customers furniture design and use selected material to create it.

  • Surya Java Furnindo
    Surya Java Furnindo

    Surya Java Furnindo is company formed for production and exporting the furniture, decoration, accessories and crafts. There are many kinds of raw material that used for making products, such as wood, root, petrified wood, onyx, marble, river stone, concrete, synthetic rattan, etc.

  • Teak Manufacturer
    Teak Manufacturer

    TeakManufacturer.com presents all kinds of indoor furniture, garden and custom furniture product. It located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. The products are including teak table, buffet, chair with foot stool, arm chair, and more.

  • Giant Chess Furniture
    Giant Chess Furniture

    Wooden Giant Chess Set Decorations: perfect for the home indoors or outdoor, patio, gardens, parks, resorts, schools, campgrounds, hotels and community centres.

  • Maestro Furniture
    Maestro Furniture

    By using fine wicker for main material, Maestro Furniture is a company that running for indoor and outdoor furniture production, like chair, table, set, lounger, accessories.