Rumah Rattan

Rumah Rattan is furniture company in line of rattan, wooden, loom, aluminum, plastic, iron and basket furniture and manufacturer. Rumah Rattan furniture manufacturer has been exporting its products for 11 years. It serves for about 40 container, 40 feet per month and has wide fabric to produce wide furniture products.

As furniture exporter, Rumah Rattan has export its products through England, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia, France, Czech, Spain, Netherlands, Slovenia, New Zealand, Brazil, Greece And Australia. Therefore, Rumah Rattan has competitive price for all importers in the world.

As one of progressive innovated company, Rumah Rattan present various products for home, outdoor and office rattan furniture. The products are including; living set, dining set, arm chair, bedroom set, terrace set, bar chair and stool, and many more.

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