Maestro Furniture

Maestro Furniture is Indonesia furniture manufacturer for weather wicker furniture products. This company supplies various kind of outdoor wicker furniture and also custom made order. All products are made by good craftsman with machine finishing.

Wicker furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Use the wicker as its main material, the furniture must be durable, lightweight, and easy to maintenance. Maestro Furniture presents wicker furniture in many colors and designs, so that the buyer will have many choices for their furniture need.

Wicker furniture is easy to clean. No special or expensive tools needed. You can use your household cleaning tools. For daily cleaning, you can require a vacuum or soft cloth to clean the dust. After you do cleaning up, make sure that the wicker furniture is totally dry. Simply place them under the sun.

However, in recent years, Maestro furniture company has been exported its wicker furniture products to many countries in the world. Find here wicker living set, dining set, patio furniture, and other outdoor furniture.

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